MeasureNet: Servicing General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Quatitative Analysis and Reseasrch labs

  • Industry Leading 10-Year Warranty 
  • High resolution 24 bit A/D data  - the ideal tool for teaching labs, graduate, undergraduate research projects and research labs
  • Reliable research grade Probeware
  • Secure Cloud student data storage and lab reports
  • Networked Electronic data collection means more time for more experiments
  • Energy efficient small foot print workstations use less bench space
  • Reduced reagent purchase and disposal costs
  • Inquiry-based Chemistry Labs
  • Made in The USA

The MCAN®Laboratory Electronic Data Collection Concept:

The MeasureNet MCAN (Multi-functional Chemical Analysis Network)is state of the art analytical instrumentation that eliminates many of the problems associated with PC-based lab systems. By condensing data acquisition into a single node for each student group, you eliminate the large equipment footprint, costly hardware upgrades, and computer maintenance and replacement costs.

Our student workstations interface with many types of probes and other chemistry laboratory apparatus, allowing for a wide range of general chemistry experiments and physical chemistry lab experiments. The students view their real-time data graphs at the workstations. When the experiment is complete, students can save or print their data on the PC connected to their network. MeasureNet also offers a cloud based data storage option called LabKonnect.  

The MeasureNet network electronic data collection and lab management solution that eliminates all the unnecessary headaches associated with PC based electronic data collection technologies. MeasureNet is found in  chemistry lab programs with a focus on Inquiry-based chemistry,  environmental chemistry, Instrumental Methods,  STEM  and biochemistry lab experiments, which are critical in the development of basic chemistry concepts and the scientific method. Because of its high resolution and precision, MeasureNet is used in lower level courses like general chemistry through upper level courses like analytical and quantitative analysis labs. A number of our MeasureNet users also have found MeasureNet to be very useful in their research laboratories. 


What our users are saying about MeasureNet

"MeasureNet has allowed us to perform some experiments that we could not do in the past." Kovac said. "For example, we can now use the MeasureNet advanced colorimeter to follow the kinetics of a chemical reaction spectroscopically. It has also allowed students to collect higher quality data that can be processed using Excel." Kovac continued, "Modern science uses electronic, computer-controlled equipment, not the traditional glassware of the chemistry lab. What we try to do is to mix the older techniques with the more modern."

 Jeffrey Kovack, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

"MeasureNet brings us finally into the 21st century. It allows students to perform experiments quickly and so far the results have been amazing. The effect has been so dramatic that our upper level classes must now modify their labs because students arrive in these classes overly prepared from their freshman chemistry experience."

- Charles Atwood, University of Georgia

"Marquette originally purchased MeasureNet to streamline and automate electronic measurement and data collection for our labs. Our expectations have been exceeded because we now have time to conduct a greater number of trials of an experiment AND have time to review the results with the students during our allocated lab time. Drop counters have allowed us to avoid tedious monitoring of end-pointsand focus on the main idea. An additional benefit we realized for certain experiments is that we have reduced the cost of reagent purchase and disposal using 85% less volume than we have in the past. We find MeasureNet to be an excellent educational tool that reduces costs and saves time. "

- Marquette University Department of Chemistry

 "We looked to upgrade to computers with the Vernier™ probes but due to the power requirement of installing that many computers in the lab, as well as the added hazard of a corrosive environment for the computers, it did not seem like an ideal choice. In fact, when the two options were presented to the IT department here, they recommended going with MeasureNet."

"MeasureNet stations are built for the Chemistry lab environment unlike computers. In addition, the networking capability and the ability to share class data over the network is ideal in promoting collaborative learning as well as provides ability for statistical analysis of data."

- Professor Madhumati Mahalingam, University of the Sciences-Philadelphia


Electronic Data Collection in the Chemistry Lab Presentation




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Flow Injection Analysis and Liquid Chromatography for Multifunctional Chemical Analysis (MCA) Systems


Thermometric Titration

Thermometric Titration Graph 



pH titration with Drop Counter

pH Titration with Drop Counter

LabKonnect Cloud Data Storage

Students Store Data on the Cloud

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General Chemistry Lab and Electronic Data Collection- Key to STEM Hands-on-learning

With MCAN  electronic data collection technology in your chemistry lab you'll immediately notice how much more available bench space you have. In the typical, PC equipped general chemistry lab, the student must share their valuable bench space with a large cumbersome PC. These PCs are at increased risk of virus infection, costly hardware and software upgrades and usually need to be replaced every three to four years. The MeasureNet MCAN, or Multifunctional Chemical Analysis Network, replaces up to 15 individual PCs with a single PC that is used by the instructor to monitor student activity and manage their data files, locally or on the cloud.

Student workstations integrate with a wide variety of probes and other chemistry laboratory apparatus that enable your chemistry lab students to accurately perform hands-on experiments in general chemistry, environmental chemistry, STEM and biochemistry labs. These hands-on lab exercises are critical for the students' development of basic chemistry concepts.

Chances are good that students in your general chemistry lab are already technologically advanced and have used electronic data collection technology in high school. They are also quite accustomed to cloud computing from using products like Google Docs and Dropbox, where both software and files are saved online rather than on a personal computer. MeasureNet's MCAN technology merges electronic data collection and cloud computing capabilities together. MCAN allows your student to measure and collect high resolution data in the lab and store it on the cloud for later analysis and lab report generation. Students, especially science students, will be excited to use the advanced technology MeasureNet MCAN offers. MeasureNet MCAN technology takes your students to the next level, giving your students the edge they need when whether they go on to industry or pursue advanced degrees in science.

Cloud computing also helps you monitor your chemistry lab students from the instructors PC to be sure they are conducting the experiment, collecting data and analyzing information properly. You can also monitor live data collection experiments remotely. Using the internet you can connect to MeasureNet MCAN workstations from outside the chemistry lab using a computer, tablet or smart phone.

MCAN electronic data collection technology can easily be in integrated into your current chemistry lab curriculum and can be adapted to fit a variety of teaching styles.


You can easily integrate MeasureNet based experiments into your current lab curriculum. Here is a small sample of experiments that can be conducted with the MCAN technology.

  • Gas Laws
  • Colligative Properties
  • Enthalpy of Reaction — Hess's Law 
  • Determination of the Heat of Neutralization of a Variety of Strong Acids and Bases 
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Determination of a Reaction Equalibrium Constant Using Absorption Spectroscopy
  • pH and Buffer Solutions
  • Titration experiments with Drop Counter
  • Identifying a Weak Unknown Acid
  • Determination of the Molecular Weight of a Volatile Liquid Using the Ideal Gas Law
  • Vapor Pressure and Heat of Vaporization


Using MeasureNet’s MCAN technology in your lab means you'll spend less time working as a computer repair technician and more time teaching chemistry. The MeasureNet MCAN frees you from problems usually associated with PC-based systems. Virus removal and reimaging computers will be a thing of the past.

Get back to doing what you love - teaching chemistry to hungry minds - by replacing your old, worn out computers with intuitive space saving MCAN electronic data collection technology. Excite students in your general chemistry labs by using the same technically advanced instrumentation used by university research labs and real-world industry chemistry labs. Make your chemistry lab program exciting and technologically relevant to students by using electronic data collection technology in your labs.

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