PC-Based Interfaces: The MeasureNet Advantage


How is MeasureNet different from the typical PC-based interface?


An obvious advantage seen below is spatial efficiency. Ther are no monitors or CPUs competing with chemistry implements.  The potential for knock and spill damage to PCs is removed as well. 

When needed, a MeasureNet Network can distribute the data to the existing PC infrastucture of the department or institution. This could be a PC-lab, library, or even via MeasureNet's web-based data storage feature to student dorm rooms or homes. 

The PC below takes time to boot up, has floppy and hard drives that malfunction, and is under constant threat from viruses. PCs with internet connections in the lab can also be a distraction for some students.

Student stations along a MeasureNet Network have instant on-off operation, no storage drives of any kind to maintain, and no means of virus contamination. MeasureNet's interfaces are designed to be as transparent as possible so that time is spent learning chemistry, not the instrument. In s 2001 McGill University study of teaching lab interfaces, MeasureNet was ranked as the "most intuitive" to operate.

Labworks PC-based Interface Seen in General Chemistry Laboratory

Labworkson Benchtop

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