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NetSpec® UV/VIS Networked Spectrometer

A component to the patented MeasureNet System is a unique laboratory analytical optical instrument: Networked Diode-Array Spectrometer. MeasureNet's network design allows this state of the art analytical instrumentation to serve an entire laboratory, making high resolution spectroscopy an affordable option in both large and small teaching environments.

Until now, most spectroscopic measurements in introductory courses were made with simple, non-scanning spectrometers. While these cover the entire visible spectrum, they can only monitor a single wavelength at a time. Recording an entire spectrum point by point becomes a tedious operation, thus seldom done. Another considerably less capable option is a simple colorimeter with three or four predetermined wavelengths.

By attaching one spectrometer to a fifteen-station network, we enable all 30 students (two students per station) to record and manipulate high-quality UV/VIS emission or uv-vis absorption spectroscopy spectra. We do this at a lower cost than provisioning individual PC-based spectrometers throughout the lab. The Spectrometer itself contains a miniature monochromator with diode-array detector, and the electronics to measure and transmit spectral data to The Network Controller for further data processing. Students initiate the collections and view results at their stations, going to the spectrometer only to perform scans. This makes the shared collection process fast and efficient.

Spectrometer Features

  • Powerful diode array spectroscopy for emission spectra of elements and absorption experiments

  • Range: 200 to 850 nm (UV-vis)

  • High 1-nm resolution

  • Maintenance saving: a single device serves an entire lab

  • Calibration constants provided for quick and easy pre-calibrated operation

  • Optical fiber cable

  • DC power supply for U.S. installations

  • RJ-l11 network cable inputs
  • Spectroscopy Links