The Benefits

The General Chemistry Lab Solution

From MeasureNet's  installations in the newly renovated gerneral chemistry labs at the University of Cincinnati, to our massive ten network upgrade of The University of Tennessee's general chemistry laboratories, we strive to provide instructors and students with a superior chemistry lab experience. We achieve this goal through:

Superior Capabilities
MeasureNet's patented network gives every student access to a shared diode-array visible or UV-vis spectrometer to perform absorption, emission, fluorescence and reflectance experiments. MeasureNet was the first to introduce an infrared drop counter and integrated digital balance. A 2001 McGill study also ranked MeasureNet first in "nearest research grade" probeware quality versus PC-based Pasco and Vernier data acquisition systems.

Superior User Interface
The MeasureNet user interface is designed for maximum simplicity that keeps your lab periods focused on chemistry, not technology. There are no lengthy set up or tear downs with our vertically mounted data stations. You'll collect data more quickly and easily leaving more time for analysis and discussion. The 2001 McGill study also ranked MeasureNet as the most intuitive interface available.

Superior Operational Costs
MeasureNet's patented network relies on a single PC for data storage and network monitoring. With fewer PCs cluttering your benchtops, you'll save between $50,000-$60,000 in replacement, maintenance and electricity costs over a ten-year period. "Winner of the Ohio Governor's Award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency".

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Superior Results
MeasureNet's 24 bit A/D data collection workstations  enables our technology to be used at all levels, from instructional to research.

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Exclusive Features

Feature Benefit MeasureNet Exclusive
Intuitive Menu-driven Interface Shallow student learning curve; keeps laboratory science-focused, not technology-focused. Yes
Shared diode-array Visible or UV-Vis Spectrometer Capable of both emission and absorption spectroscopy, convenient shared use reduces maintenance and computer dependence of traditional PC-based spectroscopy; more capable than single-wavelength instruments Yes
PC-Reducing Network Design Maintenance, PC-replacement, and award-winning electricity savings averaging $50k-$70k per 12-station network over 10 years Yes
PC-Reducing Network Design and Vertical Station Mounting Clears interfaces and PCs from wet lab benchtops Yes
PC-reducing Network Design and Vertical Station Mounting Reduces knock and spill risk for students and equipment Yes
Semi-permanent Vertical Station Mounting Stations are always available reducing set up and tear down time Yes
24-bit Analog to Digital (A/D) conversion Superior resolution for improved output quality Yes
Reliable Single Network Controller Network software quickly upgrades using single PCMCIA card; student stations are "dumb" terminals with a 10-15 year estimated life span Yes
Txt-Formatted Data Sets Export to Windows™ or Mac™ OS; read with virtually any analysis application from Excel™ to Origin™ Yes
Distributed Data Analysis/Web-based Data Storage Cost-effectively utilizes existing PCs in departmental resource rooms, libraries and student dorm rooms for post-collection analysis; departments don't need to new wet lab PCs every 3-4 years (versus PC-based interfaces). Students download collected data from any internet-ready PC. Yes
Instructor PC for Each 12-Station Network Permits instructor to share collection results, monitor experiment progress, administer quizzes; and disseminate and print data sets Yes
"Floppy-less" Network Stations Greater data security, avoids virus contamination introduced by students Yes
Excel-Based Workbooks Analysis options in MS Excel provide students with life skills needed outside chemistry environment Yes
Look and Feel of Industry Quality Control Instrumentation Realistic preparation for QC or research instrumentation environment Yes

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