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MeasureNet MCAN Station

The measurement and display station is a key component in this state of the art analytical instrumentation for laboratory data acquisition in chemistry laboratories. One unit incorporates all functionality necessary for students to perform accurate measurements in an intuitive and timely manner. Each station features a 24-bit analog to digital converter that provides category-leading resolution. The user's interface includes a numeric keypad and white backlit LCD graphical display.

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The station is a measurement and display terminal. Its functionality and measurement capabilities are determined by software on The Network Controller. This allows you the ability to easily update the software on the Unity The Network Controller via the internet to take advantage of any added measurement capability.

Station Features

» High-Resolution data measurement (24-bit A/D).
» Real-Time backlit LCD digital and graphical data display for initial collection feedback
» Vertical mounting option to minimize bench area required (L 10" x H 8" x D 4")
» Menu-driven student interface for superior ease of use
» Two analog input channels.
» One SmartProbe (digital) port
» One high impedence BNC port