MeasureNet MCAN Components

The MeasureNet data acquisition system and lab management solution is state of the art analytical instrumentation designed to improve the teaching of basic chemistry concepts and give students access to powerful, high-quality electronic measurement capabilities in the chemistry laboratory. One Network controller, one PC and one printer serve 30 students working in pairs on a single MeasureNet station. Every MeasureNet system includes measurement probes for temperature, voltage, pH and pressure. In addition, one spectrometer attaches to the 15-station network enabling all 30 students to record and manipulate high-quality visible emission or absorption spectra. It includes unique software to help instructors manage data acquisition, student learning, and curriculum development.

The MeasureNet system also includes a new and user-only MeasureNet community website complete with discussion boards, tutorials, new experiments, and schedules of demos and conferences. An industry-first data storage center is part of this community site. Students can optionally upload collected data directly to the website from their stations. It is saved in a password protected account for later download and analysis. A series of relevant MS Excel worksheets are also provided with a number of the experiments as analysis options.

Critical to the total solution concept is the best possible customer care. Once you've purchased a MeasureNet System, you have access to a responsive staff that fields questions and provides answers seven days a week throughout the year. When warrantee repair is needed, MeasureNet uses next day and 2nd day air shipments by Fed Ex so that customers have little or no downtime in their labs. You have our guarantee that we will take care of your question or issue by whatever means necessary. We even visit many of our customers throughout the year to provide proactive support and share new ideas. It's something you should expect when you decide to join our community of users.