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Dual-Beam, Multi-Function Colorimeter for kinetics experiments

Our colorimeter's multi-functional design is an appropriate choice for kinetics, fluorescence, turbidity, and chemiluminescence experiments. Its dual-beam colorimeter feature enables simultaneous measurement of sample and reference cuvets. The dual-beam measurement ensures superior resolution and stability with a very low drift rate.  The colorimeter ready to use when attached to a station–no need for external power or waiting for the light source warm up. This makes the Dual-Beam Colorimeter an excellent device for kinetic colorimetry experiments. The device supports experiments in General Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Environmental Science.

Probe Characteristics:

  • Dual-beam colorimeter design
  • Category-leading drift minimization
  • Red LED 630 nm
  • Green LED 525 nm
  • Blue LED 472 nm
  • Turbidity utilizing 880nm IR LED
  • Fluorescence utilizing 375nm UV LED
  •  Colorimetric Titration 1 resized 241

    Photometric Titration Setup for Colorimetric, Fluormetric and Turbidimetric Titrations

    Sample Kinetics Plot | Fluorescence Plot | Turbidity Plot
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