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High Pressure Liquid Chromatographs

Get high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) connectivity to MeasureNet using the D-Star DL10 and DL20.

The cost-effective DL-10 Series Systems have very sensitive filter photometers for routine assays at the most common wavelengths: 254, 280, 365, 420, 505, and 540nm. It includes a pump and injector for instant analyses. The instrument features a completely integrated design for full functionality and, like MeasureNet, has a small footprint that saves space on lab benchtops. The DL-20 Series Analytical HPLC systems use a high-quality, precision monochromator-based spectrophotometer for a full range of wavelengths (190-800nm) for selective analyses integrated into a complete LC package.

The DL-20 also is easily upgraded to a gradient system. Both DL-10 and DL-20 models boast accuracy of 1% maximum deviation and <0.5% RSD precision. The Dl--10 and DL-20 HPLCs offer significant capability and value versus traditional high-end brands, particularly when efficiently shared via a MeasureNet network using MeasureNet's web-based data storage feature.

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