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DL-20 High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph

The DLC-20 Series Analytical HPLC Systems use a high-quality, precision Monochromator-based Spectrophotometer for a full range of wavelengths from 195-800nm for selective analyses integrated into a complete LC package.

The 20-series is easily upgradeable to a GRADIENT System with the Star-Chrom Controller & Peak-Simple Data transfer, and SEMI-PREP capabilities for Material Isolation with optional Auto-Sampler and Fraction Collector.

  • Completely integrated design provides full functionality in a small footprint suitable for many types of analyses

  • Electronic controls for Pump and Detectors allow fully automated operation for reproducible methods

  • Fully configured packages include Reverse-Phase C-18 Column, Solvent Delivery System, Syringe, & Detector
  • Variable Wavelength Systems give highresolution selectivity [5nm] from 195-360nm (D2) and 360-800nm (Tungsten)

  • Wide selection of Reverse-Phase (C-18, C-8, Amino, Cyano, Phenyl), Normal (SiO2 & Al2O3) and GPC Columns

  • Bio-Compatible “All-Polymer” design (PEEK, Teflon, Tefzel, Ruby, & Quartz) eliminates contamination, with SS option for GPC & high-pressure

  • Precision electronic Pump Control from 0.01ml/min to 9.99ml/min (Analytical) and 40ml/min (Semi-Preparative)

  • Suitable for ANY HPLC application from Cosmetics, Foods, Pharmaceuticals and Educational to Paints & Pigments, Polymers, Petrochemicals and Botanicals.