What Customers Are Saying About MeasureNet's General Chemistry Lab Solution

"MeasureNet brings us finally into the 21st century. It allows students to perform experiments quickly and so far the results have been amazing. The effect has been so dramatic that our upper level classes must now modify their labs because students arrive in these classes overly prepared from their freshman chemistry experience."

- Charles Atwood, University of Georgia

"Marquette originally purchased MeasureNet to streamline and automate electronic measurement and data collection for our labs. Our expectations have been exceeded because we now have time to conduct a greater number of trials of an experiment AND have time to review the results with the students during our allocated lab time. Drop counters have allowed us to avoid tedious monitoring of end-points and focus on the main idea. An additional benefit we realized for certain experiments is that we have reduced the cost of reagent purchase and disposal using 85% less volume than we have in the past. We find MeasureNet to be an excellent educational tool that reduces costs and saves time. "

- Marquette University Department of Chemistry

 "We looked to upgrade to computers with the Vernierâ„¢ probes but due to the power requirement of installing that many computers in the lab, as well as the added hazard of a corrosive environment for the computers, it did not seem like an ideal choice. In fact, when the two options were presented to the IT department here, they recommended going with MeasureNet."

"MeasureNet stations are built for the Chemistry lab environment unlike computers. In addition, the networking capability and the ability to share class data over the network is ideal in promoting collaborative learning as well as provides ability for statistical analysis of data."

- Professor Madhumati Mahalingam, University of the Sciences-Philadelphia

"We felt that MeasureNet was a good fit because of the probeware choices, the compact size (bench space is a real issue in our labs), and the ease of use. It looks like it will be easy for our part-time instructors to learn how to use and easy for our students..."

- Margaret Venable, Ph.D., Georgia Perimeter College

"Unlike our Physics Department, we have little room for PCs on our Chemistry lab benches. The spatial compactness of the MeasureNet System is very practical for us. MeasureNet's easy-to-understand hierarchical menu structure and overall intuitive operation were also important considerations in our purchase. I have the expectation that MeasureNet will be much easier to learn and use by our students compared to calculator and PC-based systems."

- Linda Cornell, Bowling Green State University-Firelands Campus

"Our department adopted MeasureNet because there is no need for a computer at student workstations, as well as its versatility, ease of use, and high degree of precision."

- Eileen DiMauro, Mt. San Antonio College

"With the MeasureNet System, it will be possible for students to carry out high-precision experiments and get statistical data to allow them to develop skills required by future employers in Saudi industry. All were very impressed with MeasureNet and the department plans to utilize its capabilities in both freshmen chemistry and advanced laboratories."

- Professor Mazen Khaled, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

"MeasureNet requires only one PC that is kept away from the work areas... the whole system is user-friendly and gives students state of the art results."

- Professor Elizabeth Wise, Lourdes College

"We had labs that would stretch into subsequent days of the week wreaking havoc with the syllabus (e.g.,Determination of the pKa of a Weak Acid). With MeasureNet, we finish within two hours and students have "textbook" looking graphs to analyze. The system is stable and reliable... the customer support is without parallel."

- Elaine Preston, Palm Desert High School

"The sensitivity of this 'user-friendly' system will enable us to design experiments using smaller quantities of chemicals, thereby making the experiments safer and cutting down on disposal. Consequently, we expect that by using this system we will reduce our laboratory maintenance and operational costs while introducing all basic general laboratory techniques. In addition, it will give us the ability to design innovative experiments to expand our chemistry curriculum to incorporate experiments using UV-Vis spectroscopy, chromatography, and HPLC techniques."

- Dr. Jeanette Medina, Cañada College
- Dr. Anuradha Pattanayak, Cañada College

"As a number of department laptops recently needed battery replacement, I realized that if we had them in the labs attached to interfaces like Vernier, battery replacement could have run to $2,000 or more per lab every two or three years. That's would have been a significant cost for us with multiple labs. You don't have to worry about any of that with MeasureNet."

- Michael Clay, Ph.D., College of San Mateo

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