The Network Concept: Your chemistry Lab Electronic Data Acquisition and Data Management Solution

The Measurenet MCAN® (Multifunctional Chemical Analysis Network)laboratory technology is a state of the art analytical instrument Instrumental Methods technology that takes a radical departure from conventional data collection performed with PC-based interfaces. The MeasureNet system is the only networked electronic data collection system designed and manufactured for the chemistry teaching laboratory that provides high-quality data collection and intuitive operation without the cost and maintenance found with bench-cluttering stand-alone PCs and other chemistry laboratory apparatus. These elements combine to provide you with a one-of-a-kind lab management solution for conducting chemistry laboratory experiments.


Quick View:

  • 15 networked data terminals serve as the student workstations.
  • Students collect data with the probes attached to the workstations.
  • The workstation provides graphical feedback about the collected data.
  • Once data is collected, the central controller processes & stores it.
  • Students can store data in a central database provided by MeasureNet.
  • The computer attached to the network can monitor student progress in real time.

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MeasureNet MCAN® Your Chemistry Lab Solution


The ControllerThe Controller

Measurements occur at individual student stations and shared spectrometer, but are typically processed and stored by Network Controller. The reliable controller and its software are the heart of each MeasureNet network supporting between one and twelve data stations and a diode-array spectrometer. Network software provides probeware functionality and is easily upgraded at the controller, not at the workstations themselves. The network software presents probeware and collection options using a menu-driven hierarchical menu system. MeasureNet's intuitive interface takes minutes, not lab periods, to learn.



students lab

The Student WorkstationThe Student Workstation

Students work at compact measurement stations that combine a keyboard, graphical display and  industry leading high resolution (24 bit A/D) measurement interface. Easy-to-use menus guide them through experiments. Raw signals from each station's probes are digitized and sent to the network controller. The controller immediately returns each result to the proper station for digital and graphical display, tracking what is measured at each station. With no memory or processor, the stations were designed as "dumb" terminals for ease of maintenance and enhanced longevity.

Stations are hardwired to the network controller via simple U.S. telephone-style wiring that utilizes RJ-11 connectors. This hardwired approach ensures better data security and transmission reliability. Semi-permanent station-mounting and hardwiring save lab prep time. MeasureNet interfaces don't require batteries or need removal from storage drawers. Stations are assembled and quality-tested in the United States and designed to provide a decade or more of reliable service. They can be vertically mounted to reduce knock and spill risk and free benchtop space for other critical tools.

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describe the image Probeware

High-quality, innovative probeware is standard with MeasureNet. Whether you’re comparing temperature probe linearity, pressure transducer sensitivity, or colorimeter drift rate, you’ll find our designs and performance superior to most anything available for the teaching laboratory. Here is a  list of some of the probes we offer.

  • Temperature Probe
  • pH probe
  • Pessure Probe
  • Voltage Probe
  • Drop Counter
  • Dual-Beam Multi-Function Colorimeter
  • Conductivity Probe



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The Diode Array SpectrometerThe Networked UV/Vis Diode Array Spectrometers

You can up to two spectrometers per network. The Network's stations share the spectrometers diode-array UV-vis 200-850 nm, 1 nm resolution spectrometer. Students efficiently perform scanning at the spectrometer but return to their individual stations for viewing preliminary results. The spectrometer is equipped with a tungsten-halogen deuterium lamp (UV-vis) for absorption experiments. The spectrometer's fiber optic cable can be detached for mounting in a ring stand for emission scans of gas discharge tubes, overhead lights, or a variety of flame emission experiments. This powerful and efficient shared utilization feature found in no other conventional PC-based spectrometer or data collection interface.

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screenThe MeasureNet SoftwareThe MeasureNet Software

MeasureNet's PC monitoring software provides you the ability to manage your lab more efficiently. Along with printer interfacing and storing /transmitting data sets, Instructors can view the network in use and graphically examine student collection activities as students print or save their data.

The software also provides real-time point-by-point monitoring during temperature vs. time, pH versus time, and mass versus time collections. Combined with an LCD projector, this makes an effective teaching tool for sharing student collections with an entire lab class. In time-sensitive environments, the software enables instructors to provide assistance where needed, when needed.

MeasureNet's PC monitoring software also features an interface to administer pre-lab quizzes. Results can be immediately tabulated and student preparedness for the day's lab determined. Tools are provided to adjust spectrometer settings and shut down power to network components.

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printoutStorage & OutputStorage & Output

A MeasureNet Network provides flexible output, storage and analysis options. Each network supports a single high-speed inkjet or laser printer for output of category-leading resolution and clarity. Only one printer is needed for an entire 15-station network, saving your department time and money on maintaining multiple printers.

MeasureNet's unique system of "print codes" gives additional options for performing basic analysis on plots of pressure volume, absorption spectroscopy, and titrations. When more analysis is needed, data sets can be stored on the single PC's hardrive for distribution over your department's LAN or to MeasureNet's LabKonnect cloud-based data storage. Saved as tab-delimited .txt files, you can import them to almost any analysis program or use  Excel Workbooks. The files are cross platform ready as well, usable in Windows or Mac OS environments. These tools can be used by students to assist in the completion of thier lab assignments, for example: an acid base titration lab report.

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