PC Monitoring Software

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View Student Output

At the single PC assigned to each MeasureNet network, instructors can retrieve and graphically view data saved or printed by any station. The Network Manager software also enables real-time graphical monitoring of individual student stations during various experiments, including mass versus time, pH versus time or drops, voltage versus time or drops, and temperature versus time. This capability can help quickly identify students needing assistance during an experiment.

Using an LCD projector, an instructor can share an individual station's saved and real-time results with an entire class. Students can learn from each other's acquisitions practices to be emulated or avoided.

Monitor Student Progress

Using the Network Manager, instructors can monitor each station's status to determine student progress during an experiment. LED-style indicators change color to show waypoints in the experiment process. The screen's cursor, dragged over a network station number, indicates the type of collection occurring (e.g., pressure/volume, emission spectroscopy, etc.). The status box below also gives information about the functioning of the network controller and shared spectrometer. The number of downloads generated from each station per session appears below the colored status indicators.

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software screen 3Designate Storage Directories

The Network Manager allows you to designate directories (folders) to store each lab section's collected data. A text window indicates the pathway to the current session's data folder. This makes it easier to organize multiple class sections over the course of a semester's lab periods.

software screen 4Review, Print, Forward

Instructors can retrieve txt-formatted data sets from current or past sessions. Note the files are identified with a station number (e.g., Sta6) and a student-determined three-digit value. Using the Network Manager, files can be forwarded to MeasureNet's online data storage area for later download and analysis.

The Network Manager also enables instructors to view spectrometer calibration constants, change spectrometer configuration, and administer pre-lab quizzes.

MeasureNet's "Broadcast Mode" enables an instructor to use a single station to demonstrate a process or procedure to an entire network.

View custom print codes and their descriptions to manipulate collected data when outputting data to a printer. Also included is a convenient option to remotely shut down a network's stations and spectrometer at the end of a lab session.

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