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MeasureNet at the 2006 ACS Atlanta Conference and 173rd 2YC3 Meeting

March 5, 2006

MeasureNet is well-represented in the Peachtree State this month. At the 231st National American Chemical Society Conference and Exhibition, there will be two MeasureNet-related presentations, as well as a sizable exhibit hall display:

MeasureNet Implementation at Western Kentucky University. D.B. Dahl, L.L. Pesterfield, E. Houchins

CHED 270, Undergraduate Research Poster Session, Monday, March 27, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM; Exhibit Hall B4

Western Kentucky University has embarked upon a sweeping improvement of the entry-level undergraduate laboratory program. Specifically, we intend to enhance the undergraduates' learning experiences by:  1.) Providing for a more in-depth consideration of experimental design 2.) Improving our students' abilities to critically evaluate data 3.) Establishing a mechanism to improve our students' scientific writing 4.) Exposing our students to more modern laboratory methods

To accomplish these goals MeasureNet, a laboratory network system, is being implemented. This state-of-the-art system allows for a unique network of independent data-measuring stations operated by a single controller. An important phase of this re-structuring will be the implementation of self-directed experiments into our curriculum. Several outcomes are expected. First, a larger number of experiments will be available for the students to perform. The ease with which the students grasp the procedure will be an indication of how well the concepts were taught or communicated. Students will then be able to interact with peers in a “project-related” lab. The formal writing of reports will be improved due to an enhanced writing component. Data manipulation will also be improved along with a substantial time saving in data collection. An additional benefit will be that smaller quantities of reagents are required thereby reducing waste and associated costs. Results of a 1st semester pilot will be presented.

Assessment of Laboratory Skills Via Practical Examinations Featuring MeasureNet. B.J. Stanton, L. Zhu

CHED 1231, Assessment of Student Learning Pt. II, Tuesday March 28, 9:25 AM; Grand Ballroom B

We have recently implemented Laboratory Practical Final Examinations into the General Chemistry laboratory curriculum. Each student must individually perform a laboratory experiment to answer a central question. This will aid us in assessing whether our students have mastered basic laboratory techniques, and whether we are effectively teaching students how to solve problems and answer questions. Second, as a consequence of Self-Directed experiments, we have observed what we have termed “dominant and recessive” students. “Dominant students” take charge and are responsible for leading their team through the self-directed experiments. “Recessive students” are hesitant to speak up and voice an opinion. In many cases, they are resistant to take a hands on approach in their experiment. Some are intimidated by computers and automation in general. It is our intent to strongly encourage “recessive students” to be more assertive and to become more involved when performing concept/technique and self-directed experiments.

Exhibition Hall Display, Booth 1327, March 27-28th. Stop by and get a T-shirt from the MeasureNet Notable Chemists series.

The 173rd 2YC3 Conference will be held at Georgia Perimeter College, Dunwoody Campus. Visit with MeasureNet's Shawn Brooks Friday and Saturday, March 24-25th. Georgia Perimeter College's Clarkston Campus is a member of the MeasureNet Community (contact the Department of Physical Educaction and Science's Dr. Michael Denniston or Dr. Howard Silverstein for more information). Visit the 2YC3 meetings page for directions and registration information. 

> 173rd 2YC3 Meeting Page

MeasureNet Technology Ltd. manufactures patented, network-based data acquisition interfaces for science teaching laboratories. It is a spin-off of the University of Cincinnati's Department of Chemistry and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Measurenet's award-winning, PC-reducing design helps reduce laboratory maintenance and operational costs while giving students access to high quality shared UV-vis spectroscopy and an array of innovative probeware. It's acclaimed intuitive design provides improved transparency to enable better science-focused, not technology-focused, learning. Winner of the Ohio Governor's Award For Excellence in Energy Efficiency, MeasureNet networks are found in universities, community colleges, high schools, and vocational training centers across the United States and around the world.

For more information contact:

Len Weibel
Director of Business Development
tel. toll-free: 866-396-6765

MeasureNet Technology Ltd



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