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MeasureNet-sponsored 'Fantastic Four' Dazzle at CERMACS 2007

Hazari, Shakhashiri, Fortman, and Katz at the American Chemical Society Central Regional Meeting (CERMACS) 2007

May 25, 2007

The 'Fantastic Four Science Guys' performed, cajoled, and demonstrated on behalf of science education at the May 20-23, 2007 Central Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society. Asked about the importance of chemical demonstration, Professor John Fortman commented "Demonstrations illustrate how science can best be learned by seeing and doing instead of only by reading books or listening to teachers. It is a way of learning things that can be applied to everyday life. As babies we learn only by experiencing but as we get older formal education goes to books and lectures. No description of a chemical or physical change can match actually seeing it. Students also remember it better. Demos are entertaining while also being educational. The shows help encourage students and the public to learn some chemistry and not to be fearful of science."

Over 200 attendees witnessed the proceedings of the 'Four' over a two-session sequence on Sunday and Tuesday. The event was the first of its kind for an ACS Regional meeting where four of the country's leading demonstrators were assembled for a single event. The 'Fantastic Four' were sponsored by MeasureNet Technology Ltd.


Al Hazari (left) of the University of Tennessee Knoxville and Bassam Shakhashiri of the University of Wisconsin-Madison also known as "The Lebanese Connection."


David Katz of Pima Community College, Tucson examines the volume of dissolved CO2 in a soft drink.


John Fortman (left) of Wright State University and Ed Escudero (right) of Summit Country Day School in Cincinnati together with MeasureNet's Michael Kurutz (center).


Hazari demonstrating the wonders of sodium polyacrylate with a trusting member of the audience.


Shakhashiri handles dry ice inventory as immersion of a dry ice piece into room-temperature water creates a memorable display.


Katz simulates a sunset and the scattering of shorter wavelength blue and violet light.


More than half a century of demonstration experience on stage... Fortman and Escudero still employ safety goggles.


Shakhashiri with a huffing and puffing audience member demonstrating lung capacity, pressure, and Bernoulli's principle.


More than fun... Shakhashiri discusses the importance of science in civilizational development.


High-energy Hazari begins 'Making Chemistry Exocharmic.'

MeasureNet Technology Ltd. manufactures patented, network-based data acquisition interfaces for science teaching laboratories. It is a spin-off of the University of Cincinnati's Department of Chemistry and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Measurenet's award-winning, PC-reducing design helps reduce laboratory maintenance and operational costs while giving students access to high quality shared UV-vis spectroscopy, gas chromatograph and HPLC connectivity, and an array of innovative probeware. Its acclaimed intuitive design provides improved transparency to enable better science-focused learning. Winner of the Ohio Governor's Award For Excellence in Energy Efficiency, MeasureNet networks are found in universities, community colleges, high schools, and vocational training centers across the United States and around the world.

For more information contact:

Len Weibel
Director of Business Development
tel. toll-free: 866-396-6765

MeasureNet Technology Ltd

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