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Live Monitoring Feature Makes Perfect Teaching Tool

New versions of MeasureNet's network software now feature live monitoring for the instructor's network PC. Live monitoring permits instructors and teaching assistants to observe data acquisitions in progress. Previously, instructors needed to wait for students to print or save their data in order to have graphical views of the collection.

Instructors can select any one of up to 12 MeasureNet stations on a network and open a palette with a live display of both graphical and numeric values. If the collection has already begun, the feature will automatically plot all points to the most current being acquired. Live monitoring is enabled when performing temperature versus time, pH versus time, and mass versus time experiments.

Using an LCD projector, the feature is a powerful teaching tool to display live student collections to an entire laboratory. Live-monitoring is also a convenient way to share lecture or pre-lab demonstrations.

In time-restricted high school laboratories, teachers can quickly identify and assist students needing support with a quick glance at the MeasureNet Network PC.
Michael Kurutz, MeasureNet's Director of Marketing, recently commented to a gathering of customers on the importance of new software features. "MeasureNet has become known for innovation. If we don't regularly differentiate ourselves with better probeware and interface design and stay ahead of the curve, we begin to look like our competitionÿ and that's definitely not an option."


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