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Quick and Seamless Integration At The College of San Mateo

The College of San Mateo

October 5, 2006

The College of San Mateo has made great strides to swiftly and comprehensively incorporate MeasureNet into its General Chemistry lab program. The community college recently completed an impressive Science Complex that boasts state of the art laboratories, as well as a new planetarium and 20-inch telescope. The 2-year college campus is nestled in high ground just to the east of the San Francisco State Fish and Game Refuge, with its new chemistry labs having impressive views of the Bay below.

Under the lead of instructor Michael Clay, the Chemistry Department put MeasureNet to work within two weeks of its arrival. Using experiments adapted and devised during Clay's recent sabbatical at Arizona State University, the department is currently on track to employ its two Networks in 31 experiments during the two-semester General Chemistry sequence. This marks an unprecedented level of utilization in the MeasureNet user community.

Aside from normal probeware (temperature, pressure, pH, drop counters voltage, and multi-function colorimeters), numerous experiments utilize MeasureNet's manual entry feature to organize non-MeasureNet data into spreadsheet format. Students conveniently access an entire lab's data via the department's LAN, while instructors then have student data sets from each period 'swept' into a single spreadsheet for easier viewing and analysis.

"Because of its network design," according to Clay, "MeasureNet is ideally suited for use as a 'data center,' enabling the direct entry of student data acquired from attached probeware, as well as convenient manual entry. Students then have their own and others data aggregated conveniently for analysis using spreadsheets. No other interface enables this so seamlessly as MeasureNet."

Clay's individual experiments will be available to MeasureNet users in early 2007. Contact MeasureNet for more details.

San Mateo's CHEM 210 and 220 Experiments Incorporating MeasureNet

Lab02 Accuracy of A Graduated Beaker
Lab03 Volumetric Glassware
Lab04 Measurement And Significant Figures
Lab05 Density of An Unknown Liquid
Lab06 Density of Glass Beads
Lab11 Avogadro's Number
Lab12 Molar Mass Titration
Lab13 Gas Laws
Lab14 Calorimeter Constant
Lab15 Specific Heat Of An Unknown Metal
Lab16 Hess' Law
Lab18 Heat of Fusion of Ice
Lab19 Phosphate In Detergent
Lab20 Freezing Point Depression (Molar Mass Of Sugars)
Lab22 Heat Of Combustion

Lab03 Rates Of Reaction
Lab05 Keq Value: Ethyl Acetate
Lab06 Acids and Bases: Introduction to pH
Lab07 Keq of a Weak Acid
Lab08 Titration Curves – pH vs Volume of Base
Lab09 Weak Acid Titration
Lab10 Hydrolysis
Lab11 Buffers
Lab12 Solubility Ksp Determination
Lab13 Enthalpy, Entropy, and Free Energy
Lab15 Electrochemical Cells
Lab16 Nernst Equation
Lab17 Coordination Compound
Lab18 Colligative Properties – Freezing Point
Lab19 Ion Exchange of Sea Water
Lab20 Keq of FeSCN

> Review of MeasureNet on General Chemistry Program at The College of San Mateo

MeasureNet Technology Ltd. manufactures patented, network-based data acquisition interfaces for science teaching laboratories. It is a spin-off of the University of Cincinnati's Department of Chemistry and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Measurenet's award-winning, PC-reducing design helps reduce laboratory maintenance and operational costs while giving students access to high quality shared UV-vis spectroscopy, gas chromatograph connectivity, high-pressure liquid chromatograph connectivity, and an array of innovative probeware. Its acclaimed intuitive design provides improved transparency to enable better science-focused, not technology-focused, learning. Winner of the Ohio Governor's Award For Excellence in Energy Efficiency, MeasureNet networks are found in universities, community colleges, high schools, and vocational training centers across the United States and around the world.

For more information contact:

Len Weibel
Director of Business Development
tel. toll-free: 866-396-6765



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