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MeasureNet A Resident of Elite Philadelphia University

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June 10, 2008

If you've set your sights on a career in pharmaceuticals, health care, or other science-related industries, the School Of The Sciences in Philadelphia is a premier stop on the undergraduate college tour. Founded as the Philadelphia School of Pharmacy in 1821, it was the first school dedicated to pharmaceutical science in the United States.

Lilly, Rorer, McNeil, Wyeth, Warner, Burroughs... you may recognize the names of six of the world's largest and most successful pharmaceutical companies. You also should know that these individuals were all USP alumni. Other USP graduates helped pioneer the use of the X-ray, find the gene for colon cancer, invent medical ultrasound gel, and invent a popular physical therapy device for helping patients regain the use of their knees after surgery.

The 35-acre campus in Philadelphia's University City is home to over 2,800 students and 80 state-of-the-art laboratories. Some 90 percent of USP's students have employment or have been accepted for advanced study on their day of graduation. The University ranks third amongst comparable institutions for graduates receiving advanced degrees in the medical sciences, while it ranks in the top 11 percent of 1,150 comparable institutions whose graduates have gone on to complete doctoral degrees in the sciences.

MeasureNet is now standard equipment at USP. Two twelve-station networks are being deployed to the institution's General Chemistry Program which serves more than 600 students per semester. The networks are being installed, along with new and adapted curriculum, into two newly-renovated laboratories.

According to Chemistry Professor Madhumati Mahalingam, the switch to MeasureNet from a previous interface system was driven by a number of concerns. "When we implemented CBL interfaces, we had 12 lab sections with 30 students each. Soon the enrollment increased to 18 labs with 30 students. As a result of the increased usage, we ran into problems pretty soon with link errors between the interface and the calculator because of link cables being worn out or the link connectors on the calculators being worn out. That became quite frustrating. ...We did try to provide our own calculators but couldn't sustain the numbers we were losing each semester."

In addition to hand-held devices, Mahalingam added that PC-based interfaces were seen as a less than optimal solution for the department's General Chemistry laboratories. "All of these problems prompted me to look for a system that was robust and able to take the wear and tear of the large numbers of students, as well as provide the flexibility of using modern technology and the internet to simplify and reduce the time for data acquisition. We looked to upgrade to computers with the Vernierâ„¢ probes but due to the power requirement of installing that many computers in the lab, as well as the added hazard of a corrosive environment for the computers, it did not seem like an ideal choice. In fact, when the two options were presented to the IT department here, they recommended going with MeasureNet. MeasureNet stations are built for the Chemistry lab environment unlike computers. In addition, the networking capability and the ability to share class data over the network is ideal in promoting collaborative learning as well as provides ability for statistical analysis of data."

"We are delighted to have such a prestigious institution as the University of Sciences as a MeasureNet user." said MeasureNet President Robert Voorhees. "The track record and achievements of their graduates in the sciences are enviable. MeasureNet will now be a part of the world-class preparation given to all USP students."

MeasureNet Technology Ltd. manufactures patented, network-based data acquisition interfaces for science teaching laboratories. It is a spin-off of the University of Cincinnati's Department of Chemistry and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Measurenet's award-winning, PC-reducing design helps reduce laboratory maintenance and operational costs while giving students access to high quality shared UV-vis spectroscopy, gas chromatograph and HPLC connectivity, and an array of innovative probeware. Its acclaimed intuitive design provides improved transparency to enable better science-focused learning. Winner of the Ohio Governor's Award For Excellence in Energy Efficiency, MeasureNet networks are found in universities, community colleges, high schools, and vocational training centers across the United States and around the world. MeasureNet Ltd. is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2008.

For more information contact:

Robert Voorhees
tel. toll-free: 866-396-6765

MeasureNet Technology Ltd

> USP Chemistry and Biochemistry Homepage



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