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Chemistry Experiments: A Selection of Experiment Titles Performed With MeasureNet

MeasureNet's design has always offered instructors significant pedagogical flexibility by supporting a wide range of experiment types regardless of whether students work independently or collaboratively. But as Measurenet has expanded from its origins at the University of Cincinnati, its inventory of experiments (and their approaches and styles) has diversified commensurately. You can expect many more selections to become available in the 2006 calendar year.

Adopting electronic data acquisition doesn't require, however, the discarding of proven experiments that build student skills or enhance understanding of important concepts. Older experiments can be easily integrated into syllabi combined with those appropriate for MeasureNet. Others needing conversion can be adapted with the help of our curriculum specialists.

The following are examples of titles for Self-Directed, Inquiry, Technique, and Verification-style experiments using MeasureNet:

Reaction Stoichiometry and Moles
Determination of Chromium (VI) Concentrations via Absorption Spectroscopy
Specific Heat of A Metal
Emission Analysis of Metals
Analysis of Phosphorus in Fertilizer
Dystan Medical Supply Company – Hot and Cold Packs 
Determination of the Ka Value of a Weak Acid 
Freezing Point — A Colligative Property of Solutions
Specific Heat of Substances
Emission Analysis of Aequeous Solutions of Group IA and IIA Metal Salts
Voltaic Cells
Determination of the Concentration of Acetic Acid in Vinegar
Determination of the Cause of a Fish Kill in the Clark Fork of the Columbia River
Gas Laws
Colligative Properties
Enthalpy of Reaction — Hess's Law
Determination of the Heat of Neutralization of a Variety of Strong Acids and Bases
Chemical Kinetics
Determination of a Reaction Equalibrium Constant Using Absorption Spectroscopy
pH and Buffer Solutions
Identifying a Weak Unknown Acid
Determination of the Molecular Weight of a Volatile Liquid Using the Ideal Gas Law
Vapor Pressure and Heat of Vaporization
Analysis of Phosphorus in Cola
Self-Directed: Quality Control at the GlassEx Company
Self-Directed: Identity of an Unknown Metal
Amino Acids and Proteins




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