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MeasureNet Fun-Sci™ Projects by Departmental Discipline

AGRICULTURAL / AGRONOMY: Evaluation of Fertilizers, Electrolyte Transport in Roots & Leaves, Characterization of Chlorophyls, Distribution of Sugars by Photosynthesis, Mineral Transport in Various Soils, Determination of Starch MMW in Grains and Feeds, Distribution of Pollutants (Organic and Inorganic) in an Bio-System, Nutritional Evaluation of Grains, Fatty Acid Profile of Vegetable Oils, Monitoring the Grain Milling Process, Characterization of Fats and Oils, Determination of Micro-Minerals in Plants and Soils, Study of Fungi and Molds

BIOLOGY / BIOCHEMISTRY: Measurement of Amino Acids, Evaluation of Plant DNA (joint w/ Electrophoresis), Determination of Bacteria by Cell Wall Carbohydrates, Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Starches by Amylase as a function of MW, Analysis of Vitamin Metabolism in Stressed Organisms, Determining Respiratory Gases in Bio-Sphere / Microcosm Environments, Determining the Changes in DNA from Mutations (using Onion Skins), Monitoring Photosynthetic Reactions, Measuring the Distribution of Nutrition (metabolic) in an Organism

CHEMISTRY: Qualitative analysis, Quantitative analysis, Organic synthesis, Inorganic synthesis; Macro Analytical chemistry (comparison w/ Titration and Gravimetric "wet” analysis for primary component determination), Micro Analytical techniques (compare to classical “spot test” and micro-scale “wet” tests for trace contaminants); General Analytical Spectroscopy & Chromatography teaching; Applications of Analytical Instrumental Chemistry

ENVIRONMENTAL: Detection of Priority Inorganic and Organic Pollutants in Waters (potable, effluent, discharge, estuary, marine) and Solids (waste, soil, landfill); VOC (volatile organic compound) Testing in Waters and Solids, Measurement of Heavy Metals in the Environment, Determination of Hazardous Organic Materials (BTEX Aromatics, Halogenated, PNAs, PCBs), Evaluating the Effects of Pollutants on Organisms in a “Stressed” Environment

FORENSICS: Detection of Lead Contamination in Drinking Water by Solvent Extraction, Evaluation of Lead in Paint, Comparison of Plastics and Polymers, Determination of the Country of Origin of Lumber & Olive Oil, Identification of Drugs, Measurement of Tobacco compounds in Smoke & Extracts, Trace Metal “Fingerprint” of Animal Feeds & Produce, Characterization of VOCs in Household products, Flammable Residues from Arson Cases by Headspace, Heavy Metal Poisoning by Hydride & CV-AAS; Micro-Samples by IR, FLUOR & Scanning Spectorscopy (Textile Fibers)

GEOLOGY / GEOCHEMISTRY: Evaluation of Mineral Species in an Aggregate, Tracking Hydrocarbon Content in Shales and Clays (petrology), Determining Activators in Fluorescent Minerals, Tracking Metal Transport in Hydrothermal Deposits, Evaluation of Water Tables and Mineral Distribution

PHYSICS: Quantum chemistry, Emission Spectroscopy, Absorption Spectroscopy, Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Optical Theory: Monochromator, Diffraction Gratings, Prismatic Dispersion, Aperature / Resolution; Evaluation of the general Electromagnetic Spectrum; Determining the Thermal Effects in Atomic Spectroscopy and Electron Transitions (excitation), Effects of Continuum vs. Narrow-Line Absorption Signals (for Background Correction)

POLYMER SCIENCE / PETROCHEMISTRY: Study of Polymerization, Determination of Monomers and Oligomers in Uncured Plastics, Evaluation of Plasticizers in Consumer Products, Determination of Octane Rating of Gasolines and Fuels, Characterization of Hydrocarbon-based Lubricants and Additives, Evaluation of Mean MW / BP in Crude and Refined Oils

ZOOLOGY / BOTANY: Study of Biochemical Reactions and Metabolic Processes (respiration, excretion, photosynthesis, necrosis); Evaluation of a Bio-Sphere / Microcosm under different Environments, Characterization of Feeds and Fertilizers, Measurement of Cellular Changes in various Organisms in changing Environments

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