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MeasureNet's Versatile Colorimeter Part 4




Last, but certainly not least, is the use of the MeasureNet “Colorimeter” as a “Phosphorimeter”… also called a “Luminometer”… which,  is one of the more versatile Analytical “tools” not readily found in most laboratories. A “Phosphorecent” response can be induced by UV-fluorescence AFTER the light souce is removed… or it can be caused by a chemical reaction that causes the “emission” of VISIBLE Light photons. The proprietary design of the “Colorimeter” optical layout allows the analyst to get the desired response from their sample material… again using the same high-sensitivity optics.

Bio-Luminescence in Fish and Algae, Luciferin/Luciferase Reaction in Fireflies, UV-Blocking capacity of SPF Lotions, the ‘controllable' oxidation of Luminol Light-Sticks, the newly developed photo-luminescent additives for plastics used in skyscraper building and more are beginning labs you can use directly as-is, or modify for your own specific curriculum… as outlined for your review:

 Luminescence (“Phosphorescence”) for Kinetic & Relative Comparison values:
• Check out these Glow-in-the-Dark Plastics… some are made of material quite Fantastic!
Bio-Luminescent Algae and Bacteria are found in “Healthy” Waters… See anything “Fishy”?
• P-AminoBenzoic Acid is the SPF of “Old”… using Luminscence its tale can be told!
• “UV” Light causes “Glow-in-the-Dark” Photon Motions… “Block” it with some SPF Lotion!
• “Luciferase” is the enzyme in the Fire-Fly… catch a few & give this Phosphorimetry Lab a try!
• The Luminol “Light Stick” reaction… uses Organic Oxidation to set those Photons in action!

Many current MeasureNet users that have the MDBC-138 “Colorimeter”… and potential customers, too… may not be aware of the tremendous versatility of this spectral device… and many potential *new* Customers in academia can save a significant amount of time, money and resources by implementing this  technology for their teaching laboratories and educational curricula. Designed for simple, direct plug-n-play capability with any MeasureNet Workstation.

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