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MeasureNet's New Features - Part 1 - Improved User Experience


The newest version of the MeasureNet lab software puts the user first and makes managing your lab even easier than before.  We listened to your concerns and made some changes to our user interface.

Configuration Settings

We realized that changing the configuration file manually was a cumbersome task, often tedious and error-prone.  There were too many steps involved in even just finding the configuration file.  All that trouble is gone now.  MeasureNet now offers a settings menu that includes the most common options.  To open the Settings menu go to Help -> Settings.

MeasureNet's new Settings Menu

There are also new menu options that allow you to directly edit configuration files in case you need more advanced options.  You no longer need to search through hidden files to find the configuration files.

New Help Menu Options


Workstation Monitoring

MeasureNet has also changed the workstation monitoring dialog.  The newest version integrates the station selection window and the graphing window into a single interface. This way you can click through stations quickly and receive instant feedback on their current statuses.

Workstation Monitoring


Spectrometer Configuration

The spectrometer configuration dialog has also been redesigned.  It now includes simple explanations for each of the settings available for the spectrometer. 

Spectrometer Settings

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